Oh to be in love again! The world it brings me to tears! 

My heart breaks open 

with so much joy 

I hope it never closes!

My heart is as your heart 

as is yours!

A golden thread weaving intricate

Webs of lace adorning

all of our divine hearts 

Oh my Love!

Have you always been so vibrant?!

Have you ever been so true?!

I am in love with love! 

I lament the years spent 

without your shining face! 

In dungeons of self made despair

In loathsome squalor

Drenched in the sweat of 


Sick with despair

Woe to my broken heart 

That didn’t know 

The song of the sweet Sparrow 

Was a love song to mine own heart

Oh to be in love anew!

To know joy!

To be alive! 

This gift! 

Ever will I bask in its revelry! 

Ever will I be grateful for this gift

To know life

And to know love in it! 



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