I make this commitment to myself:

That every one of my acts be in service to Love.

That every thought of pain, negativity, judgement, or assumption be met with kindness, patience, compassion, and perspective, in a mission to uncover the truth.

That my presence lifts up other hearts and tries never to tear them down.

That my compassion includes not only other lives, big or small, but includes the Earth, and my own divine heart.

That I might learn to speak up when needed to protect and preserve other delicate hearts.

That I might honor the sacred with every breath.

That I work tirelessly everyday to share the message of Love that I feel deep within my being, connected and em imaging from the divine.

That I know I am because you are, and this compassion helps the pain in my heart to turn to forgiveness.

I’ve remembered my mission and purpose.

I am remembered in the arms of Love.

I am the guide.
The beacon.
The conduit.
I am as you are.