This World
Who am I to stop you from dreaming?
Who am I to put judgment and shame
On your truth?
When who you are radiates

Who are they that don’t comprehend
What it is to choose life
And again?
They that have never had to face this desperate choice.

Who are we to say any different
When one walks
A wayward path?
When they look desperate we blame them
With sideways glances,
Unknowing of their circumstances.
Who are we to speak poorly,
When one does what we
Could never grasp?

what is it to Love without accusations?
Motivated by
Molding others
To fit more perfectly
To ourselves,
For ourselves
And not for them.
Is this Love?

How can we Love truly
Without Loving ourselves?

Who are we to stop our own hearts from dreaming?
Who are we that would silence it’s beat?
When this world is overcome with suffering.

This world?

This world
That wounds
And again.

I would see my brothers rise
To see their own worth.
I would see my sisters cries
Be accepted as truth.
I would see a child’s smile
On every child’s face.
but no,
Not this world.

For it rattles and shakes
The foundation
Of the creatures it makes.
It’s shaking sends tsunami’s
In its wake.
This World,
That quakes
Us awake.

And my jaw is clenched,
My fist is raised.
I protest!

That this world would allow
One more naked babe
The truth;
That her thirst will not be met
Her mother’s breast shriveled
From this worlds neglect.
And babies keep crying
Screaming defiant
Feed me!
Fill me!
I do not want this pain to
Kill me!

And that fear sinks in
Of when they go quiet.
That murderous silence,
That desperate rage,
That fills the mother
In her babies place.
I weep,
That manifesting miracles might not be in her page.
A story book filled with so much decay.

This world.

This I see on a daily scroll
Through the headlines
Newsmen digging more holes
In each of our hearts.
Sorrow that feeds us
Fear that repels
When we each need connection
Like we need clean wells
Like each and everyone of us
Longs to be held.

And spirits are broken
left out and forgot
And me,
Here I stand
Looking out distraught.
A witness
A participant of
This pain in
This world.

And what I see is so much
Suffering goes unnoticed
So many
Feign indifference
Because to feel the weight
Might actually kill us

And they say believe in your dreams!
Manifest destiny
It’s all within reach!
When there’s no
No recompense.
And how can we mend,
Unless we stop turning our heads?

When these news stories
They feed us
Fashion trends
And gossip
And who’s who right now.

And we loose perspective.
We replace the medicine
Of connection
With it’s us verses them,
And me versus you.

This pain needs attention.
Our wounds need to heal.
And we start by seeing
That our truth
no matter how dark,
Is real.

We are more alike,
Than different.
More connected,
Than seperate.
I am like you and
You are like me, and
This pain we carry
All of us.

And we can try all we want
To manifest
But if we turn a blind eye
To these wounds and
Our shadows,
If we ignore suffering
Like prisons for profit
And ghettos,
Black men being shot,
And Earth protectors
If we lose sight that there are those
that need us
among us,
should we really be trying to manifest abundance
for ourselves?
Should the ego take over
when so many need help?

And in all this world’s truth
That it is so very hard to digest,
Some say smile! Stay positive!
It’s all in the mindset!
Just pick up and
move on
When broken!
They say,
You can make money come
When your whole
life there was
Some have no family or friends
To lean on.
Homelessness comes easy
When there’s no bottom
To speak of.

This world.

And No,
I am not a mirror
Of my abusers abuse.
And spirituality, Religion
Should be Love,
And Love manifest,
Not suffering filling coffers
Of shamans and preachers.
We each need to lend
Our voices to what afflicts us
And in doing so
Together we do this.

Embrace each other
Hold space for this truth
That this life can and does

Who then am I
To sway you any which way?
Who then are they
Preaching blame filled hate,
That your misery is yours
because of your mindset.

This world can be vicious,
And defeating.

If we can go within and
Meet this pain
Honor it
And see,
Them just like me,
We are each suffering.
And there need not be blame,
Or quick fixes,
But Love.

Love is what balances this Darkness
This chaos
Love is what makes us chose
To keep living
When every ounce of our pain
Wants to give up

Love is what binds us and heals
Love is what understands
That this pain is real and
Is what unites us
All the pain of
This world
There is Love.

And this Love is the key
To balance
This misery.
The way to heal
This world,
The way to face this pain
is to return
again everyday to

-Angel Marie Russell

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