Angel Marie Russell

I was a prisoner
I didn’t build the bars but
I was taught to live behind them
So, for what feels like a life time
I continued
To keep myself caged

My perspective
My thoughts unrelenting
The fear entrenched in my brain
Kept me imprisoned
Every fear a shackle
Every thought despair’s chains
Healing meant stepping beyond
Believing I had the capacity
To build a way
To light a flame
In darkness

It’s spark was small at first
But grew larger
I collected bits of debris
And as I learned to care
For this tender spark
I learned the ways
To tend my own
Broken heart.

This is what it looks like
To heal
One spark
Leads to more
And soon a flame
You can learn to light the fire
In your own prison.
To lead the way to the
Light once again.

Hope is kindling
Love is the spark
Light this fire
In your heart.
Free yourself
From this prison.
Learn to
Love you
And be free.

-Angel Marie Russell

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