I have started a go fund me account for my recent health struggles. Thank you for reading below: 

I have been unemployed since I developed Lyme Disease for the fourth time last April. I have since had two more positive tests. My initial 90 course of antibiotics was not successful in killing the Lyme bacteria. I have worked as a professional landscaper on Martha’s Vineyard, Ma for ten years and have been exposed repeatedly to ticks that carry Lyme disease. I also suffer from Ulcerative Colitis and pancreatitis and that makes it very difficult to treat the Lyme with antibiotics, because they trigger my other ailments. In an effort to prevent my Colitis from becoming severe I have currently no treatment for my Lyme. I am on a waiting list to be seen at a special clinic outside of Boston.

Supplements and alternative remedies and treatments, (though proven helpful for Lyme) are expensive and as I am out of work I am unable to afford them and my health insurance does not cover them. I spend most of my time resting in bed as I am in a lot of pain both in my muscles, joints, head, neck, back, knees, etc.  I have severe repetitive migraines which cause me to throw up from the pain and vertigo. Which I believe means Lyme has entered my brain. Lyme disease affects me body wide. I also struggle remembering things and have trouble concentrating. I cannot stand for long periods of time. I cannot use my body in any way that strains as it causes tremendous muscle cramping which is very painful. I cannot eat many things and this makes developing a meal plan very difficult as I am on a budget from foodstamps.  I also have severe allergies, maybe in combination with the Lyme and inflammatory diseases and have to take allergy medicine everyday to keep my sinuses from becoming so inflamed they cause vertigo. 

Due to these problems I have not been able to work.  I have applied for disability and am waiting to hear back from them. I live on Martha’s Vineyard which is an Island and getting treatment off Island is very financially difficult. 

The boat is $15 round trip for one person, and for a car is $90. I am currently unable to pay for any of my bills including my phone. I do not have a car. As I am rebuilding my life from previous situations that include divorce, I do not have savings. I wanted very much to work and build myself up out of financial and life hardship, but I became very ill and found it impossible to do so. 

What I have managed to do while lying in bed is write a poetry book. It is 140 pages currently and I am still working on it. It is called Break Open and is a collection of poetry and writings all about my journey with PTSD, leaving an abusive relationship and finding, on my quest of self discovery and healing, a heart broken open by love. 

I have devoted myself to healing my body, mind, and spirit. My body is just a little behind on the journey and still needs some help. 

This campaign will help me publish, print, and promote my book, help me pay for expensive medical supplements and treatments, and help with travel to the Spalding clinic outside of Boston. I have been on a waiting list for six months. I go there on the 26th this month!

There is also a clinic on the Cape that has a Rife Machine and sauna, but I need to use it twice a week. Just for the boat that starts at $30 a week not including the use of the machine which is $50 a session. They have been kind and have not charged me, but I can no longer afford the travel expense, nor can my body handle the travel.

I have decided to include my health struggles with my publishing the book as they are a cocreation! Had I not gotten sick I would not have started writing poetry again.  I am also very highly motivated and in addition to asking for monetary assistance with my health I would like to offer something in return! 

From the intro to my Book:
“What started as a book of poems became a quest of self discovery. Contained within is a series of poems and journal entries. ‘It starts when l left a violent relationship and in the process lost everything, but gained a heart broken open by Love.’
-Angel Marie Russell

All writings contained within were written in loving contemplation inspired by Angel’s own experiences with
domestic violence, PTSD, homelessness, depression, grief, poverty, internal suffering, and healing through love. ”

My book will be available in both Kindle format and a soft cover. 

In addition to this book my poems have been published over the last year, on Elephant Journal,

and on Women for One.

Lost Ghost, is my personal blog:
I share my writings and illustrations here.

I am dedicated to getting well and using my gifts to attain income, but I need some help to get there. That is where you come in! 

Donations: (if fully funded)

$5 will receive a poem. 

$20 will receive a copy of my book. 

$30 will receive a poem and a copy of the book.

$50 will receive a signed copy of the book and a personal poem. 

$100 will receive an illustration, signed copy of the book and a poem. 

I know I can beat lyme, poverty, and PTSD. I know I can get back on my feet. I believe in myself. Can you help me to get there?

Thank you so much for reading this far and helping me on this journey. Sometimes the first step is admitting one needs help. Well, I’m asking from the bottom of my heart in humble servitude, please help if you are called.
So much gratitude and love,
Angel Marie Russell

Martha’s Vineyard, Ma