I saw the moment you
Caught your tongue
The precious moment
Before I love you.

Oh, but do not pause!
Do not hesitate my love!
Do not be afraid!
Oh, love
How terrifying…

How we were ripped from
The womb
The silent hum of space
The inky depth of the
Each of us,
The same,

Only to be
Laid bare.
And we once
Knew the warmth
Of Stars

I know how it was.
I remember,
But do not be afraid
Now that you’re here.
Do not be afraid now
That your soul

The rip is too much for many.
It is too fast,
Too chaotic,
To awake anew
On this plane.
Birth isn’t easy for anyone.

See, I’ve remembered
I’ve woken up.
I know the pulse and
Sway of the heavens
The way I know the hum
Of blood
In my ears.

Don’t you see?
Remembered love?
It’s eternal.
And my wish
Is never to hurt you
In that place,
In love.

Let it fly uninhibited!
I will not catch it!
I will not make it my prey!
I will send my songbird
Along with yours
And may their wings
Touch the sky!
May they find freedom
On the wind
Like the breath
In that pause
Before you dared
To try
To love.

-Angel Marie Russell

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