November 16, 2016 (Edited)

For so many years
I lay sleeping
And now that I’m awake
Such pain do I see.
My people hurting,
Angry, and
Still asleep,
Unable to hear the sound of
Their mother’s beating heart.
Still blinded
To love,
Still aching to be able to feel,
Still aching at feeling
Too much,
Consumed by dreams,
Consumed by hatred,
Of their enemies.

I whisper in all their ears,
I tell them all of another way
Of another song,
But after dreaming
For so long,
They wave me away
Steeped in hurting,
In the arms of love.

I’d shake them to wake them
Could they feel such a thing?
Am I but a fly
buzzing, discontent?
“Let me lay,
Quiet, numb,
This dream is enough.”

Oh, but there’s more!
Don’t you see?
Open your eyes!
Come Alive!
Nay, they do not.
Much like begging the dead
Rise! Rise!

I will not relent.
I will not give up
on their sighs.
I will watch over their slumber
I will drip water into thirsty mouths.
I will hold them
Through nightmares.
I will dab their moistened brows.
I will hold them and hold them
While they sleep in the arms of

-Angel Marie Russell
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