Love does not cease
When the shadow lurks
Love does not cease
When the hawk
Plummets in bloodlust
Hungry and murderous.
No, not even then.

Love is present always,
In all things,
In all life.
It is the thread with
Which all was tapestried.

Love is the cell wall
To all callous invaders
Still, protected.

It is the wind,
The sky
The stars
The bloom
It is the wish upon the star
When there is just no more room
For hope.

It is there even then,
In the quiet despair after death
When the one who was
Is no more, when
The one we loved
Has left.

Love is there even,
In the retreat of my heart
Into grief
Because He mattered.
That soul now extinguished
Brought light, promise, life.
He loved donuts
And basketball.

And with his soul departing
I wish
I knew his secret dreams.
What made his heart stop
Was it beauty?
Was it sorrow?
Was it the promise of tomorrow?

And we the mourning cavalcade
Who seek one more chance to say
I love you.
I miss you.
I wish I would have known you better.
I wish I could have said goodbye.

I am grateful to have known you.
Even for a glimpse
Even for a minute in this fleeting and
Expansive life.
Love binds us,
Though it feels but temporary
Love is a bond that does not end.
Certainly not in death.

Angel Marie Russell