We do not seek to rise
because it is easy,
but for the view
when aloft, the soaring
of our hearts
when in flight.

We do not jump
for lack of fear
but for the promise
of what facing that fear means,
the plummet, the dive, the rush,
the cleansing water beneath
that bids us leap.
Fear follows and subsides
in the after wave.

We do not keep trying
after failure
because we are so bold,
but often because we are weak,
and through wading through
we find the higher voice
with which we speak.

We do not choose life
in the face of death because
it is easy,
but because there is strength
love from someone,
A memory even
Can keep us here
Give us one more reason
To raise our sword
Once more,
To persevere

There are reasons
To fight.
There is light
Even in darkness;
In the shallows,
the swamp,
the desert,
the cave, or
the most gnarled
Of primeval forest.

There you’ll find my spirit
Haughtily chopping wood,
The keeper of the flame,
To light the fires
For the broken,
To keep the furnace
Going strong,

You are not alone
In this darkness.
Come and find me
in this void,
and I’ll sing a song,
to help you carry on.

Angel Marie Russell