The answers are within you.
Release judgement
Over yourself.
Release the voice
Of fear.
Seek the voice
Of love.

It may seem impossible
But if you start by feeling it
Instead of fear
It’s voice will get louder.
You have the ability to
Learn the true nature
Of love
Within you.

You need merely
Believe you have
This power.
Do not doubt your worth.
Do not doubt that you
Were made to know love.

It is only fear that desires
You to remain stagnant,
Never venturing beyond
What fear knows.
And what does fear know?
It tells you
You are weak, less than,

These are lies.
Release fear.
Thank it for its warnings,
But take the reins back
And ride towards love.
You will find it.

If you have to
Take fear with you.
It will learn the
true nature of love too.
Fear likes to shout
But do not let it rule.

You are the ruler
Of your inner realm.
Release the rule of fear
And seek love.

-Angel Marie Russell