It is not despair sister
Inside your veins
But anger, fury,
Poisonous rage.

For too long we have been told
Keep quiet, keep complicit,
Keep pretty and content.
For too long we’ve been married
To the wrong idea
The wrong practice, this
Ill conceived idea of love.

Because truly who
Thought of this first;
That we, the vaginal, indeed need
To be saved? Blamed?
A prince, a dowry, bought,
Sold, and kept,
Nay, enslaved.

Not one more man, woman,
Or institution,
Not one more pair
Of leering eyes
Will claim my flesh
As their prize.

And truth be told
They say be still,
Be quiet,
Be complicit with this lie,
Victimize yourself and each other,
In order to survive. And
That our worth is only truly
Betwixt our thighs.
They raise us bewildered
With half truths and lies.

We have inherited,
Eons of disrespect,
Neglect, and
Imprisonment of flesh.
Denial, deceit,
Keepers of secrets
Generations deep.
Danger, violence, death,
Fire and stake.

I feel the rumble,
The pressure,
The breaking, and
The heat.
I feel the Earth mother,
Ready to vanquish,
Expose, explode, and quake.

Reclaim your power sister
Remember your strength.
Release your despair
Your poisonous rage.
Honor your anger
Allow it to surface,
Release your heart from its cage.
Remember your purpose,
Boundaries, and courage
To say no.

Find love within,
See your true worth
Your heart, your sovereignty
Find your strength,
Rose and thorn,
Your wings,
Your fisticuffs,
Your bow, arrow,
Sword and lance,
Remember your power,
Your fluidity,
Your warriors dance,
And with me
Rise sister,

-Angel Marie Russell