Hope lies in the tethers
That connect my heart to love,
The cords that bind
My mind to the chorus of birdsong above.
I forget to look there,
In the eyes of a babe,
In each and every golden ray
Of the sun,
And the wisp of wind
That blows my heart undone.
And the tears flow
Like the mistiest of breezes
Pelting my cheeks.
Is this the language
With which my heart speaks
Of love?

And when did my ears
Stop hearing the song?
When did my soul stop longing to rise above?
When did I lose sight of the noblest of all
And why, oh Lord,
Does the body ache with such agony?
Why must I know the state of despair?
Why does it feel as though you don’t even care?
We are all down here screaming
For something, anything,
some kind of a sign, or a change,
Just a path to a safe place to believe
That love for once has not truly fleeted,
And that where I plant my feet is
Where I am truly needed.

Tell me there’s some sense to the flow,
The path of the breeze, the moon,
The birds fleeting in fall.
Tell me, truly, are you even there at all
Protecting me?
And when I fall are you really there to care
or even catch me?
You must know all the times
my heart has dropped.
You must know all the ways in which
I have thirsted for more than one cup
Of solace along the way,
And how it feels like there have
been more than my fair share
of bad days.

And tell me truly are you
There to wipe my tears?
Do you have any notion to my deepest fears?
And is that you in the wisp of wind?
Are those your tears of rain
With mine mixing in?
And can you hold me
For just a while longer
In your bird’s song,
A lullaby to my soul
That aches to know your presence
Once more.
Tell me my faith, my perseverance
Tell me my trust, the ache, Tell me, please
What it is you want of me,
Before the burden unfurls me again

-Angel Marie Russell