My emotions are waves
Like the tide.
I am the flow;
the ebb of the tide.
I am the water, frozen, liquid,
never ceasing and ever changing.

Don’t give up.
Don’t give in.
I can win.
This is the process;
life and death
and life again.

The darkness does not scare me.
I am not alone in this darkness.
All my parts are coming home.
I want them to return from the darkness and fear.

I am strong enough
to accept their fear.
I am strong enough to face
where I have been before.
I am strong enough to face
what I have forgotten.
I am strong enough
to put myself together whole.

It’s no use to fight the fall.
I will not shatter.
I am like water.
Love is the tether.
It is love that called all of me home.
It is love that is mending the tear.
It is love the keeps me safe
in this state.
It is okay to feel out of control.
It can be safe to fall.

I will be caught
on the wings of love.
I have the tools.
I light the flame in the darkness.
I am the light.
I am the beacon calling all the parts of me home.

It is okay to feel their fear.
I am strong enough
for them to return.
I am brave enough
to feel what they felt.
I can face the terror.
I can hold the trembling children
that ran from me.
I can embody them
and align them to me with love.
I can teach them all their worth. They can find their way to peace through me.

I am the breath.
I am the solid ground
on which they can stand.
I am the mother.
I am the child.
I am embracing
all the parts of myself.

I am allowing this transition.
I am willing to face my fear to find the peace after the wave crashes.
I am the shore;
tumbled stone and sparkling sand.
I am the rhythm.
I am the full moon;
whole and complete,
receding and reaching
into light and dark.

I am the crow woman,
the Scorpio,
the medicine of my ancestors
is my anchor.
They are with me now.
I am not alone.
I am the answer to their prayers.

I am becoming
unwound and undone
and this is my will.
This is the dance of the shadow walker.
I am not afraid.

-Angel Marie Russell

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