~When Healing~

Do not abandon yourself
To the darkness.
Do not let the children within
Remain forgotten
And alone.

Do not ignore the ache
Lest it swallow you.
Darkness when shunned
Has a habit to hound.

Though also,
Do not be afraid.
For this darkness can be
A cooling balm.

This shadow from which we retreat
Can soothe the scorch of the sun.
Do not make a dungeon
Of the darkness.

Resist fear and loosen
The cords that bind.
Close your eyes and feel the calm.
Retreat within and find
All that is hidden there.

Its lesson is only temporary
And it has longed so for love.
Each and every broken piece
Aches to return to the light.

We are the pillars,
The equilibrium,
With which our energy flows
Over and through.

We are the force with which
We navigate the storm
And the paradise within.
We are the pivot
From which it sways.

Do not forget your power to heal.
Do not be afraid of all that you are.
Remember your endless
And vast beauty,
The paradox that is the self.

Release control of that
Which you can never truly contain
And expand
into all that you are.

Dark and light,
Beauty and Ugly,
Sacred and true

A conduit to the divine,
Within, a Universe contained,
A collection of particles,
As vast and unknowable as the cosmos.

And welcome all the parts of you home,
To love.

-Angel Marie Russell ❤