They may try to hook me,
But I know all about their bait
And how it reeks with taint.

They may try to silence me
Or catch me on the run,
But I’ll run faster still
And laugh, “oh isn’t this fun.”

They may try to smother
The light I’ve got inside
But its source has no end
And that shit is BRIGHT!

They may try to blame me
But I know where it really lies
And I will ever and always

I will not participate
In your negativity
And fear.

I will not bow down
To your intimidation
Or threats.

I will not cower
Or ever hang my head,

I’ve got a God
On my right
And a Goddess on my left.
A pretty mean right hook,
Don’t forget my intellect.

So, I’ll just sit over here,
And watch you all debate
Over which slimy thing you think
Will tempt me.
And I’ll laugh gleeful
At your tirade.

You can no more
Pin down a dragon,
Lock a Phoenix
In a cage,
Than you can win me over
With your cowardice and rage.

I’ll not participate
In your negativity and fear.
Love reigns here.
In my world, those games you play,
Will never win.

-Angel Marie Russell