There is a silence
After speaking
A quiet thick like paint
After a secret slips,
After the truth
Finds its way out of the mouth
Or pen.

And I find it takes bravery
To speak in spite of the silence.
It takes bravery to face
All that may come,
Including the retreat
Of the one’s you loved.

And I can see confusion,
Even pity in some of their eyes,
Worry furrowed in their brows.
But for the ones that truly see
They catch the whisper
Of my wings
And watch with admiration
As I rise.

Yes, there is silence,
But, so is there stillness
In the breeze,
As I lift off the ground
And into all of me,
No longer held
By secrets
That only kept me down.

Find the words and speak them
Despite the quite that stands
Between you and them.
Speak with love, the truth of
All that is inside
And give another silent soul the
Words on which to fly.

-Angel Marie Russell