Asking one to feel
All that aches
Is asking to split
A schism
Molten wide.

The depth with which
We all can feel threatens
Like the void
That whispers,
You are mine,
It is merely a matter of time.

And oh,
How do our hearts quake
With fear at this space,
That threatens to engulf us

And we quiver alive
With electric energy,
That begs our hearts to beat
Our lungs to breathe,
And our legs to run
Far and Fast
Away from that which threatens.

And we jump into bottles,
Into waton embrace.
We jump into too fast cars,
And relationships destined
To break,
Just like our hearts,
That always feel
Just. Too. Much.

And they say
In order to heal,
We must feel.
They say,
We must rip the schism wide,
And jump in despite
The burning,
The flame,
And the ash.

Who could blame
That we avoid
All that feeling.
Who would dare
Take such a leap?
Who would so callous face
Such an undoing,
As to feel
So very much.

In order to leap
We must know we are held
In the fall.
We must know someone will catch us
Should we dare to leap,
To birth from the crack, anew.

So, I say,
We must learn how to hold
Each other
When the cavern
Threatens us to leap.
We must rise to flight
And catch our loved ones,
Before they so nobly
Dare to release.

When they feel too much,
When the pressure steams,
And the tears begin to fall,
We see them crashing down,
Under all that weight,
We must hold them,
So they don’t fall alone,
So they know they can rest in our
Winged embrace.

And so that they know
We are all in this together,
There isn’t a need to run.
There is no cave of emotion
So deep, lonely and isolating,
That they may never be found,
In all that feeling abyss.

If we might be brave enough,
We might find
That they through feeling,
And we holding gentle space,
The schism no longer rages,
And healing begins
Where the rift threatened,
To burn it all away.

-Angel Marie Russell