Burn Dragon

~Burn Dragon~

Breathe your fire
Burn the villages of they
That would smite you,
They that would
Bait your magic
For sport.

Lay waste to the defilers,
Wreaking havoc of the
Quiet solitude of nature,
The wisp of wing on wind,
A scurry of fearful flight
From man.

I see why your cauldron burns
Boiling rapid liquid fire
Molton to your heart’s core
In rage
At yet one more page
In a very long book
Of man’s lies.
While the mystic dies,
And the wizard laments
At not enough winters left
To make a solid dent
In the poison that
Festers over into kin
That fall sick with greed
And start it all over again;
Just a babe to a man,
A man to a destroyer,
Of nature,
Of water,
Of beaches,
And mire,
Of caves,
And mountains,
And lakes,
And rivers.
Who burn oil and rubber
And lay waste to the wisdom
Of trees,
And the morality of stone,
The breath of the fire
And the cleansing of water,
The knowledge and wisdom
That lives in our bones.

And your tears dear dragon,
Have turned to crystal
In all the years you have wept
At watching one more
Jealous heart murder
And leave nothing left.
The pain of the ground
Weeping only red,
Sheep screaming,
And wolves howling
Deep into the night,
Suffering, and

So, burn dragon.
Light the fire within
And teach me how
To lift my noble chin.
Teach me how to rise
Above the man and the sin.
Help me to see the magic
Mystery, and wisdom
That still lives
In the breath of fire
On the wind,
In the wisp of each cat tail,
And the tickle of
Dragon fly wings
And within
My own skin.

Help me to remember
The feel of childish things.
Help me to see the wisdom
In trees, the history in stone,
The years made clear
From heavens tears
And help me see the me
In every being that surrounds; and
Every man.
Help us to see that
Together we can
Rise to save the beast,
Not to slay
For victory or power.

And help me live fully
For myself and for others.
Help me to save every bee
Fig and bush,
Help my liquid fire
Seal this wish;
May my hands always build
Where others have stripped away,
May my heart always beat harder
For every animal in harms way,
May my hurt not keep me
From ever and always loving,
May my feet keep me dancing
In unison with heaven,
And may my nimble fingers playing
Music on string
Give rise to the lift,
Like that of the dove’s wings.
And may every heart fly
With purpose and heat,
To heal all the wounds
Wherever they may be;
Of this world,
Of the next,
Of the last and,
Of the many.

-Angel Marie Russell



If you are in the darkness,
If the shadow is present,
You are held always
In all ways.

Remember love is stronger
Than any foe.
Remember love
By focusing everything you have
On that feeling.
Love. What does it feel like?
Not to dismiss the pain
But to see there is an
Eb and flow
There is a tide,
And love is always there.

We learn from sorrow
To celebrate joy.
We learn from grief
To celebrate life.
We learn from anger
To celebrate tenderness.
We learn from rage
To celebrate the stillness.

Do not banish any part of you.
Welcome it home
With love.
Listen with love,
To what it has to say,
And feel.
Hold eachother.
Have a good cry.
But remember love.
Is always
More powerful
Than any talisman
Or spell.
Your heart is your
Most steadfast protector.

-Angel Marie Russell


There is beauty
Even when
Your eyes miss it
When you see
What the world has trained you
To see.

There is beauty
In your eyes,
Your heart,
Your body,
The great tragedy
Is not your flesh
But this lie;

You are not enough.
Your body is not enough.
Your soul cares not
For such things.

There is beauty
In being.
There is beauty
In every beat
Of you heart.
There is beauty
In every cell,
Eyelash, and whisper.
I am a gasp
At every breath.

Oh, who is it that taught you
To despise all that lies
In your flesh?
Who is it that said
You are never enough?
Who is it that fed you
These, most unworthy words?

I can see only
And grace
In each and every step
A masterpiece, you
And your

-Angel Marie Russell


Your mind
Holds your wisdom
Your heart
Holds your compass
Your stomach
Holds your intuition
Your loins
Your passion
Your legs
Carry the weight
Your feet
Hold the map
And when we seek
With alignment
We aim true
In our purpose

-Angel Marie Russell


I’m afraid
You’ll miss me
In a sea of perception.
I’m worried
You’ll miss the spark
That lives in me.
Because you see
By how you view.
I’m worried
You won’t notice
The Love
That flames with fury,
Bright light
Liquid heat,
That feeds my heart,
That pulses in my veins.
I’m worried
You’ll miss all that
When you try
To see me
And miss it.
And I see you miss it.
I see you fail to see the me
That I see
Full of liquid fire
And white hot heat
That burns me up
Without and within.
And you look away
Before you catch
The intensity of my eyes.
Or maybe that’s it
Because my eyes never lie.
And there’s love there
That burns the truth bare,
That burns the
Misconceptions to ash,
The denial to igneous rock.
And you can’t hide
When you see there;
When you see me
Seeing the you
That’s afraid to really see.
And I look all the way through.
And it’s true.
I see the Love in me
In you too.
And you can’t run
When I see you there
And for a moment
The lie
That keeps us all
Desperate in our lives,
That one we tell ourselves,
“I am not enough,”
Is snuffed.
The fire burnt that up.
And when I see you there,
For a moment, you see
All the self hatred,
Is a lie.
Because you are Love.
And my God,
So am I.

-Angel Marie Russell


I am but a spark
As fleeting as flame
On a windy day,
Blown asunder
By competing forces
For air.

My last breath
As temporary
As the smoke wisps
Thrown into pieces
Of ether
After extinguished.

And I could think
On such a state of being
As a travesty,
By forces beyond
My control.

But one does not need
To focus on the
One does not need to
Lament such
Such is life.

One can find
The immortal
The soul
As love embodied
In flesh.

The spark that causes
The heart to know
Such sorrow,
The imagination
That sees only the dark
On our last day.

But the light does not cease
When the shadow is present.
Life does not end,
For lack of a body
To contain.

Flame burns in potential
At every dried up limb.
Life pulses eternal
External what was once
Carried within.

Do not lament child.
Life is energy
And energy never
Just as love
Never ceases
For want of a heart.
It beats
With the pulse of
The universe.
As does all you contain.

-Angel Marie Russell

The Storms

I feel so much better
When the storms
Because the outside World
Then resembles
My insides

I howl like the wind
I expand and contrast
I spin and whirl
I weep like the skies
I lose control and unleash fury
Caged like some beast
Imprisoned but alive

The storm knows
What rage whelps my heart
It explodes through the veil
Of calm waters
It’s wrath unintentionally
Like my fuse
When it’s done
And I watch loved ones

But I grow
Like the noblest of grasses
I drop leaves but replenish
With the sun
The underbrush covers the pain
Of the wind
Gone mad
And the critters scurry
Once again
Collecting harvest

And the world
It keeps turning
Rumbling and churning
And I feel my bones come alive
One with the wind
Asleep until woken
Contained until the
Mask is broken

Lulled with whispers
And lullabies
And it clears as the skies
My heart
Oh, but it beats in time
Pulled on tendrils
As the storm passes
And I sleep once again.

-Angel Marie Russell