There is beauty
Even when
Your eyes miss it
When you see
What the world has trained you
To see.

There is beauty
In your eyes,
Your heart,
Your body,
The great tragedy
Is not your flesh
But this lie;

You are not enough.
Your body is not enough.
Your soul cares not
For such things.

There is beauty
In being.
There is beauty
In every beat
Of you heart.
There is beauty
In every cell,
Eyelash, and whisper.
I am a gasp
At every breath.

Oh, who is it that taught you
To despise all that lies
In your flesh?
Who is it that said
You are never enough?
Who is it that fed you
These, most unworthy words?

I can see only
And grace
In each and every step
A masterpiece, you
And your

-Angel Marie Russell



Yes life can make you
Split apart
But we are made of water
And can coalesce
Once more

-Angel Marie Russell

Too Much

Yes, you are too much.

You are too much as the
Sun is too hot
For tender flowers.

You are too much as the
Sea is brilliant and vast.
You are too much as the
Canyons that plummet deep,
And ominous.

You are too magnificent
To be small,
Too passionate
To be meek,
Too beautiful
To be otherwise.

You are the legend of space;
That life sprung forth in matter
From the stars that birthed and
Burned, breaking down into
That ignites the force of life
Within your veins.
Your blood pulled by the moon
Wild with intent, to create more beauty, as you were created,

So, yes.
I’d say that you are too much,
In the same way the sea
Swallows the cliff
And splashes up and over,
Cleaning all swiftly away.

All this I see and yes, the
Brilliance is indeed too much
For my mere mortal view.
And my breath is arrested,
Short at the sight of
Sun on your hair,
And at the storms I see
Waiting to wash away pain
In your eyes, just there…

My, oh how truly magnificent,
It is indeed too much,
For my humble witness
To bear.

-Angel Marie Russell

I Will

I will bleed
To defend the innocent.
I will rise
From piled ash.
I will reach far within
And pull all the poison out.
I will not be tamed
Calmed, or quieted.

I am a storm.
I am a dream.
I am the misty fog
Of euphoria
After remembering.
My presence awakens the hearts
Of sleeping giants.
And the Earth quakes
Where I’ve placed my feet.
I am alive.
I am love.
I am the fire on the wind.
The creation.
I am as you are.

-Angel Marie Russell

Attraction and Love

Attraction and love are not the same.
Attraction often pours out from a wound begging to be healed.
If we feed the wound with more abuse the wound continues to bleed.
If we follow attraction blindly we never allow the stitches to set.
We keep ripping it open.

Where does attraction begin and why?
By nature abuse survivors may be attracted to abuse.
Love is not a drug. Love heals.

Love gives us the space and time to mend.
This is why we must learn to find love for ourselves.
Can you say I love you in the mirror?
We all deserve to stop bleeding.

Love can guide us true.
Once healed we attract and are attracted to what heals us.
This is how love gives us wings.

Chasing love like a drug is a temporary high.
Gravity remains constant and the plummet is inevitable.

-Angel Marie Russell


It hurts not to see
Your reflection anywhere
In the World

This is an opportunity
Lift your chin
And shine in all you are

And somewhere a soul
Will find the thread
And see themselves in you

And when they do
You will find your reflection
In them.

-Angel Marie Russell

Heart Home

There is true sanctuary on this Earth. It is right in our very own hearts. There is where you will find LOVE and there is no truer home.

So, we just go where we go. And no matter where we wander we will find LOVE along the way because LOVE walks with us. LOVE never abandons us. LOVE has been with us all along the way and for a lot of us it merely waits for us to open the door. There is no greater home for LOVE than our own hearts. There is no greater place from which it springs eternal.

Our very own hearts have the stuff of legend. The one true, deep, and ever giving fount of LOVE is within us. And wouldn’t we be surprised to know, it’s been there all along, waiting, listening, hoping that this time, we’ll say yes.

Say yes with me. To you, to me, to the all, say yes to love and walk boldly into any Earthly realm alive, awake, and aware that love is real, love is here, and has always truly been within.

There is no death that I could fear in this knowing.

My disbelief in love has died so that I might truly live.

What I was told love was has died so that I might truly love.

What I was conditioned to believe of love has melted away and all that remains is truth, and the truth is that this love is in each and every one of you, just as it is in me.

Sometimes, it just takes a perilous journey into the unknown and often the known, which can be even scarier. It might lead us through brambles and thickets, swamps and mires, crackling mountain tops and plummeting valleys. There at the far end of the morning of tomorrow’s tomorrow, you’ll find it, steadfast as ever, allowing you to seek so that you might find where the secret truly lies. Or you could even find it right now, as you read this, in this very moment.

Love is inside you.
It’s full truth
Cannot be found solely
In another.
True love
truly starts,

When in passing
With another if
Your eyes alight,
Pause, think,
Is true love there?
No, not that kind
Not forever, or
At least not just
In attraction’s delight.

You will not find love
In a bottle;
Liquid or chemical.
Love never holds you
For ransom
Entrapping your soul
In a vice.

Love never asks you
To forsake your true
And noble worth.
It doesn’t demand,
Placate, or abuse
So that it can get
What it wants.

Love listens.
Love waits.
Love embraces you
When you fall.
Love holds you
At the bottom
Of the deepest
Darkest pit.

Love sees everything
Good, bad, and every
Shade of grey therein
And loves you freely
No bargaining,
No cheapening,
No chagrin.

Love holds you to
Higher standards
Than you may hold
Yourself, and holds
You accountable,
Should you fail.
What love doesn’t do
Is reject,
Bully or cajole.

Love listens.
Love waits.
Love knows it’s
never too late
To say yes.

You can say yes to the
Impossible truth,
That even you
Are made so grand,
Yes you, are already so
Inherently worthy
Of the real and startling truth,
That love is
And has always been
Patient, and

And should you disagree,
Kindly I ask,
Why are you defending
Your right to be so abused,
Used, or confused?
I ask you, why are you
So deeply afraid of
This kind of truth?

You are not so broken
As to not be loved.
You have not gone so
Far off course
That love will not
Welcome you home.

Love is already
With you there.
It does not falter,
Seek it and you shall
Find it.

Some journeys are perilous.
Some are filled with
Seemingly insurmountable pain
And even then
It is love that leads you
Out and through.

It is love that carries you
When you’ve stopped caring
For yourself,
But somewhere something
Inside you just won’t give in.
It is love.
It is there.
It is waiting
For you to say yes,
To go within.

I wish to know love.
I will seek to find love.
I will do what it takes.
I desire to feel love.
I am lovable.
I can feel love for myself.
I am loved.

You are.


Deeply humbled and in awe of you,
Angel Marie Russell