My Deepest Wish

It is my deepest wish that each of us find the majesty of our own souls,

That each of us abandon
Self hatred and abuse,

That each of us remember
Our inherent divine worth,

That each of us never again placate
To the subjugation of another,

That each of us rise above fear,

That each of us see the medicine
In our flaws,

That each of us break free
From the chains imposed upon us
At birth,

That the shackled, the lost, and the broken break free from all that oppresses,

And that we become aware
Of the arms of love in which we are held, even in darkness.



Blame is a tricky game.
It doesn’t usually lead
to the truth
it would
have you believe.

You did this to me.
You are to blame.

What does this serve?
Who does this serve?

Yes, I have been victim
to the abuse of others.
Yes, I have blamed them
for my abuse.
Yet I’ve seen blame held fast
to the chest
of the broken hearted.
I’ve seen it eat at wounds
like acid
I’ve seen a person
fail and fail
and fall and fall
And learn nothing.
When led by blame.
I have done this myself.

Release it.
Release blame.
We are taught forgiveness
I think
Because blame is poison.
Blame erodes
our sense of self
We rob ourselves of a clear picture
of self
when we give our power
away in blame.

Take responsibility
It seems counter intuitive
when we have been hurt
But blame is not here to serve us
Blame is here to blind us.
It is a half truth.
Become whole.
Release blame.

-Angel Marie Russell

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Think and Be the Change

-Angel Marie Russell

We can’t start being the change unless we think about how to do it. One way I think we can start is by staying calm and centered in love in our discussions and disagreements, as silly as it sounds. If we can think the best first of the person we are speaking to, we can keep hate and rage out of the conversation. We (collectively) can’t know what is in each other’s heads. We need to learn empathetically by listening more than we speak. By knowing we are intelligent enough to listen, while calm, without jumping to assumptions before another person has finished, we effectively communicate.

We come together by trying to understand each other. How did this person get to this idea or belief? Is there a fact behind this? Can I calmly present facts to show that idea is wrong? This society wants to dumb us down (in my opinion) and I think what we are exposed to online and in the media teaches us inappropriate ways to communicate. This leads to disconnection, anger, judgement, shame, rage and violence.

The way to peace is understanding. The way to understand another is to listen. And it is possible to disagree and still be friends. That’s our beauty, our differences, our ability to teach one another why our experience, family, situation, or beliefs exist. What have we been taught? What is correct and unaligned? What is incorrect and aligned? How do we come together when we disagree?!

This is love: to forgive, understand and have patience, so we can listen objectively. I know this election totally sucks. So does all the separation and division in this country. It’s corrupt. It’s bullshit. In response I’m saying we should come together but remain different. We don’t always have to agree. We can heal this divide by asking how, and then taking steps to learn how, and then acting on these lessons. We can come together if we are willing to remain calm and listen to each other through peace and love.

Love to all of you in this trying time.